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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Wanda Realm Yinchuan, Si trova nel centro di Jinfeng District, adiacente a Yingchuan International Convention e Exhibition Center.
Le camere sono dotate del famoso 'Wanda Jiahua bed' e 'meraviglioso sogno' serie, così come la vasca indipendente e la doccia foresta tropicale pioggia, in modo da poter rilassarsi e dormire di notte.
Da alcune delle camere, si può anche godere il suggestivo paesaggio del fiume Diannong e della montagna di Helan.Molti ristoranti con design unico vi forniscono una varietà di scelte alimentari.
'Pinzhen' ristorante cinese è famoso per i suoi squisiti piatti cantonesi e locali“Per tutto il giorno la sala da pranzo di 'raccolta di cibo' fornisce cibo delizioso in tutto il mondo“'Lui' ristorante giapponese offre cucina giapponese autentica;La hall lounge è un luogo ideale per divertirsi.
La sala da pranzo a distanza quadrata del 1200 è dotata di 76 metri quadrati di schermo LED. Non è seconda a nessuno nella città di Yinchuan, e ha cinque sale conferenze. È adatto per ospitare tutti i tipi di attività. È un luogo ideale per negoziare affari e riunione di famiglia.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Yinchuan Airport?

    Wanda Realm Yinchuan si trova a 23.9km dall'aeroporto.

  • Wanda Realm Yinchuan offre un servizio di pick-up?

    Sì, vi preghiamo di contattarci dopo la prenotazione.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Wanda Realm Yinchuan?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 12:00 presso Wanda Realm Yinchuan.

  • Wanda Realm Yinchuan dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    Sì, l'hotel dispone di piscina e palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Wanda Realm Yinchuan dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Wanda Realm Yinchuan dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Wanda Realm Yinchuan accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Wanda Realm Yinchuan accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Wanda Realm Yinchuan?

    La colazione è di CNY198 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Wanda Realm Yinchuan?

    I prezzi partono da CNY656, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • cdafe
    When I saw Wanda center, I thought it was the downtown area. As a result, when I arrived, I knew that the hotel was in the Development Zone, the surrounding area was relatively cold, the hotel facilities were very good, the breakfast was very rich, and the service was also very good.
  • daisy520daisy
    Very satisfied
  • e01793239
    Generally speaking, it's good. I live here every time I come
  • mennannan
    It's very close to the Beltway. It's very convenient to get to the airport
  • agileway
    Very good. I'll consider staying next time. I hope the price can be lower
  • jerryinfante
    not bad
  • milylj
    It feels good to stay for three nights, but the surrounding business atmosphere is not strong
  • JasonCollin
    I just stayed for one day. I'm satisfied with everything. I haven't felt anything else yet
  • anson3035
    The whole hardware and room are pretty good... But the service is very low-grade. It feels like Yinchuan is in this tone
  • Baby News
    As soon as I checked in, I opened the door of the room and threw a rotten rag on the table. Because I was too tired to drive all day and arrived late at the store, I stayed one night and didn't bother to ask the front desk again, but I really felt very bad. Everything else is OK. Parking is very convenient.
  • jctany
    Nice hotel
  • crystal922
    Five star, what else can you say? Everything else is good except the price is expensive
  • e05420234
    New hotel, good!
  • Angela weeks
    good! Clean!
  • e05430149
    Very good, continue to support!!!
  • geminilee
    It's not easy to get a ride. Everything else is very good
  • nownew
    Clean, very good service.
  • bluee1981
    The hotel is located in the center of the city, with convenient transportation, quiet in the noisy, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The waiters were very friendly and recommended the free spa experience of the hotel. They will check in next time.
  • e00111263
    The hotel service was very good, the room facilities were also very good, but I felt it was very dry
  • baby-flo
    not bad
  • florayuefu
    The overall feeling is good, the environment is also good, the service is good and the price is high
  • ejercer
    Good environment and facilities!
  • fionrain
    It's just a little biased. Everything else is good. The room is very comfortable
  • e01790667
    Especially good
  • alone!
    just so so
  • yangannie813
    The hotel service is very good, very professional, but the place is a little far away
  • lullaby2000
    It's clean, clean, quiet and comfortable
  • cm60123
    Nice hotel!
    Value for money! Worth recommending!
  • old_gay
    Not bad
  • e03422104
    The room facing north is cold at night, and the windows blowing by the north wind sing; Too remote; As soon as you enter the room, you can see that you have lived in it. No more
  • joyleely
    Everything was very good, but there were too few kinds of breakfast
  • fsy_jm
    It's OK overall, but the details need to be improved (for example, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is weak, and the hand-held shower at the bathtub doesn't come out of the water).
  • fanggang123
    Very good. Check out one day in advance for some reason. The hotel will give me the check-out fee. thank!
  • lawson
    The area of the deluxe room on the executive floor is even smaller than that of the ordinary deluxe room, which is a little incomprehensible. Everything else is OK!
  • yangmin2003
    The environment and facilities are very good
  • lida_804
    Like this hotel????????????????
  • dingdan567
    Wanda is a big brand. It's OK to live here. Not bad
  • e00878652
    The hotel's hardware facilities are not bad, but the service is not flattering. All the waiters won't say hello. Even if you greet them, they are cold. The room promised to send fruit. I made five phone calls from 7:00 to 11:00, and the check-out was very slow. I can't believe that there was only one waiters at the front desk of a five-star hotel. I really don't know why Wanda invited such a management group, Domestic management group is still not good!
  • lixinli981025
    It's very good. It has cultural flavor. China's own brand is not inferior to international brands. Now if you can choose Wanda hotels for business trips, you should try your best to choose them. I hope that some membership policies can come out to facilitate repeat customers to stay at more affordable prices
  • e04005151
    Travel and stay frequently, service environment is not bad. High cost performance
  • babelucy
    not so bad
  • SUNYAN006981
    Very good. It's just that breakfast is a little expensive. And there are not many varieties. The room is very nice!
  • e00157513
    not bad
  • lycly0117
  • fsyjb
    The hotel is very luxurious. The water is not very hot on the first day. It's OK on the second day. It's still very good
  • e00184482
    It's hard to take a taxi. I have nothing else to say
  • rii123
    Not bad, very clean, the service was OK
  • DR007
    Clean, comfortable, good environment, very quiet
  • malesia
    The hotel is great, the service is good and the environment is good!
  • justcat
    Not bad. Just can't connect to the wireless network.
  • caroglan
    Standard five star hotel, in Yinchuan is a good choice!
  • asdfafd
    The location is good, the transportation is convenient, the waiter's attitude is good, the room is clean, tidy and fully equipped.
  • Anna Chen
    Good, good
  • JieJieJerry
    The hotel is very new and of good grade. I'll stay next time.
  • wangxiwen158
    Satisfied, very satisfied
  • aaron5117
  • dullboy
    just so so
  • e00112756
    Overall, it was OK.
  • Simmo
    The hotel is really good, very clean, and the service is also very good. The price is OK. Children should not be charged the same as adults for breakfast. They just charged 198 yuan after 150 cm. Overall, it's good.
  • fenta
    Poor service quality
  • daniel5262
    In the past, Wanda Jiahua was OK. I didn't leave a good impression this time. Let's talk about breakfast first! In the past, there were more breakfast varieties and the quality of the dishes was good. This time, there were not many varieties of dishes. The most important thing was that the spicy hot food was sour and could be eaten by the guests. However, the management failed. This problem should not be caused by the hotel
  • aceofbase
    The hotel is quite elegant and the environment is elegant. Although it is surrounded by a business district, there are very good parks.
  • iamliujy
    Very nice hotel! Complete facilities and high-quality service!
  • sisixueer
    The lobby of the hotel is quite imposing ~ the room is too stuffy ~ the room has the smell of new decoration, especially in the cabinet. I feel that the breakfast is average, and the service is not up to five stars ~ the swimming pool is good!
  • leituo
    The hotel is relatively new, but the taste is also very new. Overall, it is a good choice.
  • Cesilia23
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • e01634931
  • e01666622
    It's OK. It's far from the urban area and hasn't developed
  • connie1120
    The hotel is located in the new area, surrounded by the municipal government, convention and Exhibition Center and people's Square. The environment is very beautiful, and it is not far from Wanda Square, so it is convenient for eating and shopping. The hotel facilities are very new. However, the service quality needs to be improved. The swimming pool is in the stage of changing water and cannot be used for a week. The room is very hot, although the central air conditioning refrigeration really has no effect, has been 28 degrees. Yinchuan is very dry, and the room is not equipped with humidification device. Compared with other 5-star hotels, there are many areas to be improved.
  • danyuan185
  • luo__yun
    Very good, better than Kempinski, very quiet
  • appletao
    Very good. I recommend you to stay
  • toby00845
    Good environment, good sanitation, quiet
  • DODI99
    Good environment, good breakfast, is the best choice for business trip. I'll check in next time.
  • cmy1116
    The hotel is still good, but the price has gone up a lot.